Cultural Tour of Taiwan Lukang


Lukang Historical Sites

On June 25th, 2017, we visited Lugang Mazu Temple which with more than 100 years of history. The majestic Mazu statue from MeiZhou has been placed in the temple for worship. In the temple, the ancient architecture with Bagua caisson ceiling is fairly unique and distinguishing; the pillars are finely carved; the plaques are bestowed by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Guangxu.
From these, we can see how important the temple is to the people.
After that, we visited Lukang Lung-shan Temple which is full of artistic atmosphere. It happens that the name of the two sculptured door gods are homonym to our Chinese company name. Hope LAYANA new plant to be successfully accomplished.


LAYANA- Lukang New Headquarter

We took our colleagues to look around our new plant which is carefully planned by a core team. With regard to the new plant, we pay particular attention to the steel we use, in addition to the foundation purpose, its earthquake proof and resistant seized our attention. Furthermore, considering the corrosion issue, we use multi-layer protection to prevent our building from rusty. Moreover, the color of exterior wall tiles is bound up with the Nature, composed of solid earth, green space, pure clouds, blue sky and the bright sun!

Our new plant is constructed per the standard of green building, with rain recycling, solar panels, etc, aiming at gaining the green building lable. We believe it can bring us towards everlasting.

There will be a Village Deity in front of our new plant, blessing LAYANA to be flourishing and prosperous.



Taiwan Lukang Cultural journey x LAYANA- Lukang New Headquarter


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