2017Lukang_ Marathon

Lukang Marathon is happening on Nov. 19, 2017

The exciting Lukang Marathon is happening on Nov. 19, 2017, and there will be 28 employees of LAYANA COMPANY joining!
We seek to not only encourage our staff to keep up a good exercising habit, but also to build a stronger bond with the new Lukang headquarter.

With the above anticipation, Mr. Lai, LAYANA’s founder, even asked for suggestions from the Pride of Taiwan, the Universiade runners.
The Taiwan’s “Fastest Runner” Yang Chun-han, and “Hurdle King” Chen Chieh, have both kindly shared some benefits of exercising, and sent their blessings to LAYANA’s marathon runners, wishing them some good records in the coming event!

The marathon on Nov. 19 is the first one to happen in Lukang within 300 years! Other than our employees, we also hope that every participant will be able to break their self-best record at this memorial moment!


2017Lukang_ Marathon


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