Six Sigma Education Training – Define and Measure

The six sigma project is a continuous active program since 2003. LAYANA implements lots of education and training to improve the overall quality and enhance employees’ abilities.
We are all trained to become problem solvers.
All of the members in LAYANA know well about 6 sigma, which are the crucial elements of LAYANA and the senior staffs must carry out the six sigma project to improve the performance and achieve the goal.

We want to be better than better.」This working philosophy makes improvements possible and probable.

On Feb. 26, our Senior Engineer Alex (Black belt of 6σ/ERP/CQT/PMP licenses) made an introduction about Define and Measure phase and Assistant Manager Mrs. Yao (Green belt of 6σ/ERP/CQT licenses) presented her project about the Supply Chain Optimization to all the project leaders.

All project leaders clearly learned about DMAIC as a roadmap for problem solving and product/process improvement. At Measure stage to focus on measurement system validation and gathering root causes.

With wisdom, one could even squeeze water out from the dry towels.

As yet, our LAYANA employees have brought forward and completed hundreds of improving proposals. This is the achievements of our high self-requirement as Quality Assurance Experts!

Six Sigma Education Training – Define and Measure

Six Sigma Education Training – Define and Measure

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